Animals That Can Help You Deal With Ticks

If you are one of the millions of families in the United States who seemingly deals with ticks every single year, you could be looking for a reprieve from the pests. What can you do next to having your lawn treated every year to be able to enjoy your lawn without worrying about being bitten?

One thing you might think about doing is introducing some tick-combating animals into your yard. There are some kinds of animals you can keep outside that might be able to drastically help reduce the amount of ticks in the lawn for you to deal with. If you think this could be something you might be interested in doing, check out some of the types of animals you could think about using for this purpose.

Chickens can be a good option for helping fight ticks around the yard. If allowed to free roam and eat any bugs they might happen to find, you might find your chickens guarding your yard from ticks. Not only can they help with ticks, but they can provide you with your own eggs, too!

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Opossums are another good option to think about having around the yard. These marsupials look for their food as they walk across the ground, and they very often end up eating pesky bugs they find in the grass, such as ticks.

Do you have some of these animals running around your yard, yet are still finding some ticks here and there? If this is the case, don’t worry-you can still deal with those ticks, too! Just get in contact with your local tick control services in Wilmington experts who will be happy to treat your lawn for the pests so you can finally go back to enjoying your yard tick-free.