Tips To Become Your Own Handyman

When we look at a handyman we consider someone that comes into your home and fixes a lot of different stuff.  This is one type of handyman.  Another is a person who looks at standard everyday items that they have laying around and can use them for a wide range of tasks.  So, if you have ever wanted to become a handyman in elgin, il, here are some tips that can make you a unique handyman.

Coffee Bag Ties

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If you are a coffee drinker you will probably have gotten a few bags of coffee that have that twist tie type device in the back to seal the bag.  When you are done with the bag, typically you will toss everything into the trash.  One thing that you can do is take out that twist tie and use it for other items such as tying up cords or resealing bags you don’t have twist ties for.

Wine cork on end of tubes

We all have tubes of glue or even caulk.  One of the biggest problems is these don’t really seal that well or give you issues with clogging up.  One thing that you can do is either take a cork from a used bottle of wine, or even go to the craft stores and purchase bags of corks.  You will take the cork and use it to cover the hole of these items.  It will keep the air out and look pretty cool in the process.

Six Pack Containers

We all go to the store and purchase something in a six pack.  These are usually sodas, juice or whatever.  When we empty the six pack, we end up tossing the container away.  However, if you reuse these containers you can separate a lot of different items such as spray paint cans, art supplies, tubes of paint or whatever you have laying around.